Home Insurance

No matter where you live Don Stephenson Insurance has a product that may be right for you.

We offer a full line of habitational policies, including:

      • a home you own
      • a home you rent
      • an apartment you rent
      • a condo you own
      • watercraft
      • trailers
      • vacation homes and cottages

We're only a phone call or e-mail away should you have any questions or concerns about your coverage.





What can be done to protect me from water damage?

Our companies each offer a version of optional "Sewer Back up" coverage. This coverage covers more than just sewer back up. It may cover ice damming in your eavesdrops or back up from a septic tank as well.

Can I get coverage for my home business?

Many of our companies that offer liability extensions and coverage for your business property when you work out of the home.

What happens if the cost to rebuild my home exceeds my coverage?

Our companies offer a Guaranteed Replacement Cost endorsement for your policy. With this as long as we have accurate information on your home you are guaranteed to get your house rebuilt even during unforeseen circumstances like the high prices of a lumber shortage.

Should I add a floater to my policy?

Certain jewellery, art or other valuables may have a limit under your policy. We offer a variety of floaters to allow you to insure these on top of your other property coverage. Not only does this ensure that you get their full value in the case of a loss, but it even removes the deductible!

If my children go off to university do I need to purchase a policy for them?

Many of our companies offer additional property coverage for children living temporarily away from home while attending college or university. We'd be happy to supply a certificate of insurance to your children's landlords.